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Student Media Marketing is the sales and promotion group for Student Media, responsible for generating revenue for Student Media and for all aspects of marketing the events and products developed by Student Media departments. Media Marketing offers positions in advertising sales, creative design, and promotions.

Students looking forward to careers in sales, marketing and management have a terrific opportunity to develop communication skills and self-motivation as Media Marketing account representatives. By selling advertising for Niner Times and Uptown Audio, they get true sales experience to add to their résumé and are rewarded with commissions commensurate to their effort.

For students aiming for advertising, commercial graphic design and/or copy writing, the production side of Media Marketing can well prepare you for those careers. Production positions in Media Marketing sharpen design skills, condition creativity (even under deadline) and build a portfolio of published work.

Student Media Marketing is also an excellent place to make contacts and build relationships in the Charlotte business community. Students who join Student Media Marketing will learn the value of working as part of a team and meeting the challenge of good, clean competition!

Interested in advertising with us? Click HERE to view our rate card.