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Getting involved in Student Niner Media can greatly enhance your college experience. Student Niner Media offers an opportunity to learn real-world skills, while producing award-winning collegiate publications in a supportive atmosphere. Niner Media is the ultimate ‘team challenge.’ Each individual’s effort is integral to the result. You’ll learn a lot about group processes, plus you’ll experience the pride that comes when a finished product — one that YOU helped create — gets distributed and read by thousands. Niner Media fosters an environment for self-development, leadership learning and ethical decision-making.

In Student Niner Media, you’ll work closely with a diverse group of students, each exhibiting different talents and strengths. In this team atmosphere, many lifelong friendships are made. Professional staff are available to advise and train, but in every aspect, students ‘run the show.’ There’s a place in Student Niner Media for you, regardless of any previous experience you may or may not have. It’s great if you worked at your high school newspaper or yearbook. Journalism classes are great, but it’s not required. Never used Adobe PhotoShop® before? Come learn. Don’t know journalistic style? You can learn it here, too.

Student Niner Media has positions to suit almost any time schedule and commitment level. Some students write a few stories per month. Others have editorial, sales or production responsibilities that require 10 hours or more per week. There are students who are more comfortable easing their way in, trying different tasks until they find a good fit. And then there are those who dive in head first! You’ll learn, and it is also possible to receive a stipend or academic credit for your efforts. Student Niner Media mirrors industry standards in digital production, desktop publishing and graphics software. The skills you acquire and the equipment you’ll use in Student Niner Media are the same found in commercial publishing and advertising companies as well as public relations and communication departments of most major businesses.

Student Niner Media at UNC Charlotte has an amazing track record of success. Many of our alumni credit the positions they have in the corporate and publishing worlds to the skills they acquired in Student Niner Media.

Producing college publications means you experience times when creative problem-solving is necessary and times that are simply amazing. It’s an experience rife with energy, big ideas, deadline panic and one-liners. Best of all, it’s a SHARED experience and that is where the fun begins and memories build for a lifetime. Fill out our interest form on NinerEngage to learn more about getting involved with Student Niner Media.